This burger is amazing! It does take some minimal prep time (which can be done ahead and set aside), but it's well worth it. I served it with grilled red bell peppers. Perfect summer dish.
A bit messy, but well worth it.
Some summer bbq'ing fun music
1. Calvin Harris - "The Rain"
2. Mike Snow - "Animal"
3. The Knife - "Heartbeats"
4. Belle and Sebastian - "The Boy with the Arab Strap"
5. The Specials - "A Message to Rudy"

A light Mexican beer - Dos Equis, Tecate or Modelo

So Caitlin came up with this fab flavor combination for a summer burger.  With summer in full swing, what's better than a perfectly grilled burger?! We used many of the same flavors in our burger, however, I substituted grilled chicken and portabella mushrooms instead of the red meat patty. Now to keep this 100% veggie, omit the chicken, and use the grilled mushrooms.  The mushrooms are "meaty" and tasty enough to substitute for the meat (not to mention a slightly healthier option).

Don't forget the Sriracha!

Music for a perfect summer evening:
1.  Los Fabulosos Cadillacs - "Te tiraré del altar"
2.  Jimmy Cliff - "Wonderful World, Beautiful People"
3.  Madeleine Peyroux - "I'm All Right"
4.  Paul Simon - "Dazzling Blue"
5.  The Rolling Stones - "Miss You"

Sierra Nevada "Summerfest" Beer...a good seasonal beer!

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