Whenever I bake up this granola, I eat it like candy.  It's crunchy, fairly healthy, and most importantly, completely delicious.  

It's also extremely easy to make with ingredients I'm sure you probably have stocked in your pantry and spice rack.  And with the fall season here, I added a bit of pumpkin spice to the mix.  I once posted a pumpkin spice granola recipe on 2 Savory Palates, so I knew adding a bit of that would be good - I'm sure we all still have some lying around from Thanksgiving past. 
This is what I used for my granola brittle: rolled oats, raw salted almonds (you can use raw/unsalted if you prefer), a medley of raisins, dried cranberries, shredded unsweetened coconut, cinnamon, pumpkin spice, honey, and a touch of brown sugar.  If you've read my previous baking posts you know that I usually try to avoid butter (whenever possible) and this recipe is no exception. I used Earth Balance (which is a vegan butter substitute that is great for baking), you can use something along those lines or real unsalted butter if that's your preference (I won't judge).

You can eat this granola on its own since it is much like a brittle.  Or, why not try it on some yogurt or as cereal? I would pour some almond milk over the granola and eat it up in the morning.
A cold glass of Almond Milk...yum!

I like to sit back, relax, enjoy my granola and some great music...
1)  Anoushka Shankar &; Nora Jones:  Easy
2)  Cannonball Adderley:  Autumn Leaves
3)  Chet Baker:  But Not For Me
4)  Thievery Corporation:  Fragments
5)  Arcade Fire:  Wake Up
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  1. Yum, yum, yum! i love the idea of using pumpkin spice too, especially since it is the season for everything pumpkin!!!

  2. I actually made this and added some dried apricots instead of raisins. I love the recipe, it is easy and really delicious!

  3. Thanks! It is a delicious and easy granola recipe!